How the Coming Global Crash Will Create a Historic Gold Rush

As the de-dollarization of the world continues and the US constantly resorting to printing more money to pay for expensive policy, economic conditions worsen — all bad news for our currency and possibly the stock market.
Many experts say gold and silver is the wave of the investing world’s future as they stand to retain value as currencies falter.

Dr. Jerome Corsi and Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin teamed up to write a new book: How the Coming Global Crash Will Create a Historic Gold Rush, which demonstrates the causal relationship between a deep economic crisis and a historical increase in the price of gold.


Through the last years of his presidency, Jimmy Carter struggled with the legacy of the OPEC oil embargo causing large lines at the gas pump to pay surging gasoline costs. After the 1973 embargo, the price of oil quadrupled, forcing the United States into a deep recession that lasted into 1975. Gold surged during this period of stagflation, the unusual economic condition in which stagnant economic growth and high inflation coincide. In 1980, when Ronald Reagan was elected president, gold hit a high of $843/ounce. In 2008–2009, the collapse of the subprime mortgage market and the bursting of the real estate bubble caused a Great Recession in which prestigious financial institutions failed across the globe and serious investors poured their money into gold to maintain their total asset value. In 2010, gold’s price hit a high of $1,426/ounce.