CDBCs: The Government Wants Control Over Your Money

The War on Cash goes beyond pushing a universal currency. Much of this is about the government gaining total control over your money and your privacy. The Biden Administration signed an executive order in March which – in Section 4 – would set the stage for legal government surveillance of all U.S. citizens, total control of your bank accounts and the ability to silence dissenting voices for good. This is happening on the financial end through the implementation of Central Bank Digital Currencies. Privacy would be stripped, the government would control our money and would have the potential to hold the proverbial purse strings for any citizen and make them hostage to a social credit score — a potential to deny anyone the ability to buy a plane ticket, get a loan or perhaps even purchase gasoline to fuel a car.

Is this the future? How can we fight back and defend ourselves? Can gold and silver protect both your savings and your privacy?

Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin and Wes Peters take a hard look into banks of all sizes in the US, how we can protect ourselves and how it’s all a part of the Secret War on Cash.
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