While One Big Bank is Putting Customers’ Deposits On Hold; Another Bank Goes Down

While One Big Bank is Holding Customer Deposits, Another Bank Bites the Dust

A huge bank is reportedly putting customers’ deposits on hold. Has the U.S. banking system come to this?

Chase Bank has reportedly been holding up deposits, creating disruptive, real-life problems for their clients. How did we get to a point where once-reputable banks start holding their depositors hostage?

Meanwhile, Citizens Bank is the latest to go down. While this bank is relatively smaller than the big boys and the story did not get much coverage, there is a bigger-picture question here: Is there an active threat to the banking system as we know it? Wouldn’t a collapse be devastating to the US dollar?

Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin and Richard Cromwell explore what’s happening, how to prepare as well as protect yourself amid the Secret War on Cash.
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